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Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut Damnation

My mom’s birthday was last week. I wanted to do something greater than buying here another pair of earrings and another scarf, because no matter how much she says she isn’t tired of them, I don’t believe her. That’s when I remembered our fancy-dancy cookbook “Desserts to Die For” by Marcel Desaulniers. A few years back, my mom made a cake from there for my birthday party. We were all 11, so unfortunately we didn’t appreciate it much, but looking back it seemed like a great cake. So I flipped through the cake section until I came across what seemed like a calling: the chocolate caramel hazelnut damnation cake.

photo creds to Michael Grand

photo creds to Michael Grand

Now, I did not manage to take many pictures in the process and that’s probably for the best, seeing as the process was a time-consuming, kitchen-ruining mess. But let me tell you this: It was worth it. To sum up this cake as concisely as possible, it is a chocolate-coffee cheesecake with chopped hazelnut crust, topped with chocolate-hazelnut ganache, underneath a two-layer fudge cake with mousse in between the layers. And that is covered in smooth chocolate ganache with hazelnut praline to finish it off. I realize that’s not very concise, but this cake doesn’t deserve concise. It deserves so much more.


Mine turned out a little bit less pretty than the picture, but man, it was good. To be completely frank, there were some parts that I completely failed at; namely, the mousse. I’ve never quite mastered the technique of folding. That is, I haven’t mastered the technique of folding in the two entire times I’ve attempted it (and that is including this time). So there wasn’t really mousse in between my layers of fudge cake. Also, I just went ahead with putting the praline on top of the cake since I was tired of making messes. But it’s all going to the same place, right? Here’s my interpretation of Mr Desaulniers’s fine cake:



Sure, it’s not the best photo in the world. But is not that a damned fine looking cake?


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