Throughout the House

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Straying from the Topic

I’m about to go beyond the title of my blog and write a post about my hike from this weekend. “Throughout the House” is trying to be a temporary name anyway, because I kind of hate it. I feel like it limits me to just writing about topics found inside of my house, however understandably.

So without further ado, here is the story of my hiking trip!

It was kind of stupid to go hiking this weekend. The weather this weekend was 50’s and rain preceding several days of sunny and 70, which today proved to be correct. Retrospectively I should have saved my energy and desire for adventure for today, but for some reason I had to get out right then and there. Technically I also needed to get some driving hours in, but that makes me sound like I didn’t care about the hike and truly, I did. I promise.

When we got there, it wasn’t too bad. A little chillier than when we left the house, but after a little while of walking it wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately by the time we got to the spot to cross the river, the rain had been enough that it was too difficult, and we had to turn around. Much to Trevor’s discontent.



Okay, so maybe the water wasn’t too high to cross. But I was wearing jeans and a sweater and some non-waterproof hiking boots, and I was not prepared to get soaked in the event of an accident. Whenever I do cross that part of the water, I never rely on the rocks and tend to splash through the shallowest part I can find, and it just wasn’t warm enough to do that. So back we went.

On our way back, Trevor made it clear that he wasn’t done as he stopped right at a smaller trail breaking off from the main one. I’d never seen this trail before, but it looked friendly and we decided to follow it. It was fine at first, albeit a bit more uphill than our normal one, but eventually it got slippery. And then it got slippery and it was at the side of a drop-off. Not in the mood to break some bones, we turned around once more and headed back for good… or so we thought.

It’s been a while since I’d been to this particular area. Mom goes almost every week with Trevor, but I only tag along every once in a while. So I saw another thing I’d never noticed before and we decided to check it out as well. It was a peculiar little silo situated right next to the water, a little ways off from the main trail with a small path leading near it.



It was pretty creepy, and  I thought it might be filled with dead bodies or the souls of people who had fallen off that slippery path from earlier, so that was the closest I got. Okay, that’s not entirely true. It wasn’t quite that dramatic or scary and it’s probably just full of water or something since this is right near a reservoir. I don’t know how these things work but that seems like a safe bet.

Anyway, after that we went back to the car for real this time. And I found a salamander!




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