Throughout the House

Covering everything from the bedroom closet to the kitchen closet

WARNING: Shocking Pictures

I’m Helen, and this is my story. 

My bedroom is a danger zone. There is no way to euphemise that. Every weekend, in what is admittedly an attempt at justifying not doing the work I didn’t do yesterday because I spent the whole day cooking a one-hour dish, I try to make great impacts on the state of my bedroom. Week after week of effort, and my room currently stands…


…like this. There is a decade and a half of mess in this room, and every time I tell myself I’m going to get the upper hand on it, I end up doing a couple loads of laundry and calling it a day. And that’s just picking up after my winter slump, when I did little to nothing to improve it.

I was supposed to paint my room a while back because, let’s face it, I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked out “Ardent Coral” for my walls. It’s a nice enough color in itself, I guess, but I don’t have what it takes to get everything to match. I don’t let any wall color tell me how to live my life. So I started packing things away little by little: not quite enough to completely hinder my life until I was done painting, but enough that I felt like I was doing something to prepare for the painting. The painting that, as you can see, has yet to happen.


One thing I did to prepare for the painting was put everything on my dresser into boxes, which you can see stacked on the left. My dresser stayed clear for a little while, but as the rest of my room failed to be picked up, I finally stopped trying with everything and the dresser got out of control again.

We are also redecorating my bathroom, because it was hideous and I got a cute new shower curtain for Christmas. Unfortunately, this meant that in the meantime everything in the bathroom had to be temporarily relocated. To my room. As if I didn’t have enough to deal with, I now have random things from my bathroom still squatting in my bedroom. The majority of these things are on my floor, which doesn’t make the load any easier because I don’t like cleaning up the floor because it’s dirty. Which unsurprisingly has created a downward spiral.

I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but I’m actually writing this post when I know full well that I should be focusing my energy on cleaning or even, however unimaginably, my homework. So I’m going to cut to the chase. I don’t want to live this way anymore. I’m going to make my bedroom a better place, and here it is in writing. That means I have to do it.


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