Throughout the House

Covering everything from the bedroom closet to the kitchen closet

Adventures in Pie-Making

Last week, I went strawberry picking with a couple of friends. It was a great time, but we ended up with way more strawberries than any three people and their … Continue reading

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Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut Damnation

My mom’s birthday was last week. I wanted to do something greater than buying here another pair of earrings and another scarf, because no matter how much she says she … Continue reading

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Straying from the Topic

I’m about to go beyond the title of my blog and write a post about my hike from this weekend. “Throughout the House” is trying to be a temporary name … Continue reading

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WARNING: Shocking Pictures

I’m Helen, and this is my story.  My bedroom is a danger zone. There is no way to euphemise that. Every weekend, in what is admittedly an attempt at justifying … Continue reading

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Rotini with Parsley-Tomato Pesto

I was supposed to be doing homework today. I managed to get out of taking a quiz on Friday because I promised my teacher I’d to all the practice work … Continue reading

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